Digital filtering

1. Definition of a digital filter

      It is composed of a set of logical circuits liable to an algorithm which gives to this filter a precise function. Forexample, a pass - band filter, an integrator, etc...

2. Constitution of digital filter

 It's established by the following element : -one or several delay organs

                                                               - arithmetical operators

                                                               - registers supplying the weighing coefficients of the filter

3. Application field

    The application field of digital filters is very extended. It covers a multitude of domains as for example:

- telecommunications

- speech processing

- radars and sonars

- HiFi, etc...


4. Digital filter properties

      Advantages : - reproductibility (the charactéristics of digital filters which have the same configuration are identical )

                         - flexibility (one can modify frequencial answer by acting on arithmetical coefficients)             

                         - precision (manipulations on numbers)

                         - association of filters (stake in series filters makes easily)

                         - stable characteristics (no ageing of constituents).

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