Objectives and mathematical necessities

Chapter consisted of two parts.

     First part describes the objectives of the lesson of treatment of signal, by beginning with the object of this lesson (purpose of the treatment, analyzes signals). Then lesson explains that to deal and to analyze a signal, it is necessary to study this signal in the temporal domain and in the frequency domain by giving the object of every domain and show an example of modulation and the plan of the lesson is given to the end of this part.

     Second part allows to see again the mathematical required knoweldges indispensable to be able to attend the 1st year level of signal processing in order to don't spend time with notions which must be known.

                    - Integrations by parts

                    - Suites, series

                    - Complex numbers

                    - Trigonometry and complex exponentials

                    - Derived and primitive

                    - Sinus cardinal

CHAPTER 1 (Complete version in French)