Online Resources

On this page are proposed the complete set of online resources which have been developed by the partners of the European thematic network since 1996 (1996-2000 during the network and project and from 2000 within the THEIERE network and project). These pedagogical resources are available free to all interested students and teachers. You are all welcome to use them and to send feedback to the coordinator of the course or resource you have usedů


In the future, all these resources will be available from the template (former address)proposed by the Universidad de Valencia. For the moment, some of these resources are available through the templates. The whole set of resources is also provided below.

Name of the package

On line resources available


Computer and Information systems

Computer architecture

Vigo (ES)

Operating systems

Valencia (ES)

Computer architecture

Oulu (FI)

Multimedia presentation for simple algorithm for matrix multiplication

Wroclaw (PL)


Modulation techniques
RF Transmission Lines

Lisboa (PT)

RF & Microwave engineering

Ulm (DE)


Microelectronic Pedagogical Module

Rennes (F)

Learning tools for communications systems

Santander (ES)

Tunnel diodes

Sheffield (UK)

Microprocessor architectures

Ljubljana (SI)

Digital Testing

Tallinn (EE)

Design for test

Tallinn (EE)

Logic level test

Tallinn (EE)

System level test Tallinn (EE)
Power systems

Package on power systems

Lisboa (PT)

Instrumentation and control

See also

Database of Courses in Europe

The State-space Approach to System Analysis

Kosice (SK)

Ziegler-Nichols of PID Parameters Design with Application Kosice (SK)
Multiple Linear Regresion with Application Kosice (SK)
Fuzzy Inductive Reasoning with Application Kosice (SK)
Programmable Logic Controllers Brno (CZ)
Distributive Control Systems Kosice (SK)
Neural Networks - Basic Theory and Applications Kosice (SK)
Fiber optic sensors Bratislava (SK)

Nancy (FR)

Sensors elements Kosice (SK)
Wireless Windmeasurement with Bluetooths Porsgrunn (NO)
Integrated environment of all modules of Control Systems and Instrumentation Kosice (SK)

Internet services and applications

Educational media

Ilmenau (DE)

Internet services

Valencia (ES), Vigo (ES)

Server-side Programming fondamentals - Technologies

Nancy (FR)


Basic Mathematics

Ulm (DE)

General curvilinear coordinate

Bratislava (SK)

Signal processing and digital filtering

Nancy, UHP & INPL (FR), Oulu (FI), Ulm (DE)

Sequential Diagnosis Tool

Ljubljana (SI)

Java modules on neural networks

Kosice (SK)

Virtual labs

DAQ Systems

Rousse (BG)

The virtual laboratory

Sheffield (UK)

From Sensor to Web

Telemark (NO)

Virtual and Remote Laboratories

Kosice (SK)

Heat distribution centre of the university of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow

Krakow (PL)

Test-Platform for Vibration Damping

Siegen (DE)

Socrates Minerva project LABLINK

Antwerpen (BE)

Server for examinations

Server for examinations

Vigo (ES)


Various courses

Riga (LV)