TASK 1: Bologna BMD Process Reflection and Implementation

1) Monograph on Harmonisation of curricula in Europe. The redaction of a report is at the end, relative to the state of the art of Electrical and Information Engineering curricula in Europe, and the reflection and implementation of the 358 model of the Bologna process (Bologna-BMD process).
(release 12 available in September 2003).

2) List of keywords: elaborated in order to characterise the sub-fields of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE) with a common European view.

3) Synthesis on the curricula (J. Esteves, O. Bonnaud)

4) Portal presenting curricula available throughout Europe in Electrical and Information Engineering for colleagues and for students.

TASK 2: Development of pedagogical resources

1. The template has been update. Some courses are presently available from this address. For the moment, these pedagogical resources are also available there.

2. Documents relative on the reflection on quality:
  • Documents on quality by Montse Novell:
  • Slides of Pr. Mrozek on quality
  • Documents of Elena Shoikova:
  • Slides of Fanny Klett