Harmonisation of curricula in Europe. The redaction of a report is running, relative to the state of the art of Electrical and Information Engineering curricula in Europe, and the reflection and implementation of the 358 model of the Bologna process.

First results (2001-2002), click here for more recent results

Version 2 of the report on "Electrical and Information Engineering in Europe"
Available as DOC format (1.5 Mb), or PDF format (1 Mb) or DOC format (in a ZIP archive) (0.8 Mb)


There are two support groups (SG). The first one is the technical working group, who will define a common template. It will build a model to insert the courses and will work out didactical aspects. The second group will deal with copyright aspects.

SG1. Technical aspects: Definition of a template (former address) , for the development of thematic packages (user document: how to use the templates DOC FORMAT VERSION 2 (2002), DOC FORMAT VERSION 2 (2002) , see also the technical support).

SG2. Problems of copyright (transfer the copyright to the EAEEIE?). Use of software tools Matlab, Labview, ...): study still on the way

Task 2: Development of pedagogical resources

In the future, all the pedagogical resources will be available from this template. For the moment, these pedagogical resources are also available below:

Name of the package


Computer and Information systems 



Power systems 

Instrumentation and control

Internet services and applications 


Virtual labs 

Behavioural skills for engineers

  • Behavioural (non-technical) Skills Report
  • Behavioural (non-technical) Skills Web resource

Server for examination