Harmonisation of curricula in Europe. Report to the European Commission must be sent after the first year. Survey on course organisation, kind of diplomas, number of students, specialities, distribution of skills, percentage per gender. Bibliography: a survey of published works on this issue can be included in a database.

Two questionnaires have been proposed:

This questionnaires have been filled by partners, the analysis of the results is still on the way.

Some results on Ph studies :

Some results on first degree:

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  • EuropeanHEscheme.ppt, a file containing 16 shemes about HE Education System in EIE disciplines, some countries are missing...
  • balanceTheiere.xls, a file containing a census of diplomas and students involved in EIE Diplomas. I get only 14 answers try to estimate the "force" of Theiere partners, we deliver about 10 000 different diplomas to more than 300 000 students...


There are two support groups (SG). The first one is the technical working group, who will define a common template. It will build a model to insert the courses and will work out didactical aspects. The second group will deal with copyright aspects.

SG1. Technical aspects: Definition of a template, for the development of thematic packages (user document: how to use the templates DOC FORMAT VERSION 1, PDF FORMAT VERSION 1, DOC FORMAT VERSION 2 (2002), PDF FORMAT VERSION 2 (2002) , see also the technical support).

SG2. Problems of copyright (transfer the copyright to the EAEEIE?). Use of software tools Matlab, Labview, ...): study still on the way

Task 2: Development of pedagogical resources

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Computer and Information systems 



Power systems 

Instrumentation and control

Internet services and applications 


Virtual labs 

Behavioural skills for engineers

  • Behavioural (non-technical) Skills Report
  • Behavioural (non-technical) Skills Web resource


Final report for the year 2000-2001