Provisional Agenda of the fourth THEIERE meeting in Norway, Saturday 10th August 2002

Here you will find some of the finest activities we can offer – enjoy!

Thursday 08.08.02


A walk along the famous Telemark Canal




Experience the wild life of Norway



Transportation to Bamble – Asdal Villmarkscamp

NOK 1550,- total


We find ourselves in the middle of norwegian wildlife..

You will be split into teams – a competition will take place, you will through a variety of challenges – some physical and some intellectual.

Time for culture and dining in Norwegian style – this part takes place inside a unique farm rebuilt as a restaurant/event-facility. Decorated with old traditional details it’s a great place for dining and culture.

Norwegian traditional dining!

Great norwegian folk music group (4 women) and dancer – mixed show with music influenced by folk music especially from Norway but also ingredients from other cultures – and the Halling dance!!

NOK 450,- each person

Children 8-15 yrs NOK 200,-




Food NOK 235,- each person

Children 8-15 yrs NOK 50,-

Children under 8 yrs for free


Music group NOK 6000,-


Return to Skien

NOK 1550,- total



Sea fish Festival in Langesund – Islands and fjords


For children – Telemark Playland; best suited for children up to 12 yrs – pool, slides, playing apparatus, rowing boats on the little lake, mini-train and much more



Transportation to Langesund

NOK 1550,- total


Langesund Town – Sea fish Competition, Sea fish Festival…

For free


An oldfashioned fishing boat – restored as a tourist attraction; M/K Flesa

sightseeing between the islands and fjords.

Sea fishing (rent fishing equipment aboard)

Great shrimp buffet.

4 hours total NOK 7400,-




NOK 145,- each person


Return to Skien

It’s possible to return later!

NOK 1550,- total



Do what you want – we like to recommend:


Grenland Golfclub – Skien can offer one of Norway's most beautiful golf courses, with 18 holes. Varied terrain, international standard!

Greenfee NOK.250,- for our guests


Speedboat – Deep sea fishing with Hydrolift – fishing equipment included in rental-

NOK.4500,- total

Picture of boat


Sommerland in Bø – Famous Amusementpark


Prices for dinner above is given to Hotel guests with a two course dinner already included in price.

(If not dinner included – add NOK 100,- to ’Norwegian traditional style’ and ’great shrimp buffet’


Hotel information:

Rica Ibsen Hotel

Kongensgt. 33

N- 3717 Skien

Tlf: +47 35 90 47 00

Fax: +47 35 90 47 01




Transport and communication;

The distance to Oslo Sandefjord/Torp International airport is 60 km, (buss 1hour) to Oslo Gardemoen International airport is 180 km (train 3hrs)

railway station 500 m

and Oslo 130 km.

Excellent parking facilities, including indoor parking.

Swimming pool, Sauna, Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub

The hotel is located in upper town centre in a park - everything within 5 minutes walk!

For more hotel information including local map – please look at internet:




Train: from Oslo Gardermoen Airport approximately every hrs

Airline: the low faires airline – Oslo Sandefjord/Torp Airport another low faires airline - Oslo Sandefjord/Torp Airport – Oslo Gardermoen Airport

I have organised the practical issues in collaboration with some students and the hotel in Skien. For booking, please contact the hotel direct:

Rica Ibsen Hotel

Kongensgt. 33

N- 3717 Skien

Tlf: +47 35 90 47 00

Fax: +47 35 90 47 01




We have got a very attractive offer including meals from a hotel having the name of the great Norwegian writer Ibsen!

There are a lot of after-work activities which we have selected. The best way of finding out the interests for these is to inform us which activities you prefer. I am attaching a document containing these. Please have a look at it and let us have your opinion. Please send information on your selection to the email address of the hotel. We will coordinate the organisation of these as a group before you arrive in Norway.

July and August are popular months for tourists coming to Norway. In fact a hotel closer than Hotel Ibsen to our University College is already full during that period. You have to be quick in booking your rooms. The offer we have from the hotel is:

Hotelroom with our famous breakfast, great lunchbuffet and two course dinner

NOK 730,- each in double room

NOK 850,- each in single room


Hotelroom with our famous breakfast and two course dinner

NOK 630,- each in double room

NOK 750,- each in single room


As to the booking and financial aspects, you have to contact Maria.


The prices mentioned in the attached document can be reduced considerably, if there are many participants. Please have a look at the document and let us have your views. We will have a dedicated website for the Norway meeting soon.

For THEIERE members planning to have a meeting on the way to Skien, I have had a series of talks with Norwegian Railways (NSB). There is a train leaving from Gardemoen

We are right in the middle of exams and presentation of thesis etc. etc.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Norway,

Saba Mylvaganam