Agenda of the second THEIERE meeting in Nancy, Sunday 13th May 2001

The following agenda is proposed:

  1. - Presentation of the THEIERE project activities- M. J. Martins
    Presentation of the two main actions:
    1) An overview of EIE in Europe.
    2) Pedagogical resources for teaching: Development and definition of teaching packages.
    3) Content and schedule of activities.

  2. - Presentations by the Lead Site coordinators (15 minutes each, approximately).

  3. - Administrative and finantial aspects.

  4. - Informations on the second year of activities.

  5. - Other relevant matters.


    Location of the second THEIERE meeting:
    ESSTIN, 2, rue Jean Lamour, 54519 Vandoeuvre les Nancy cedex,
    either in "Salle du conseil" or in "Salle de conférences",
    from 9h30 to 18h00.

    The hotels are generally in the city centre, which means that the best way will be to take either a taxi or a bus to go to ESSTIN.


    In Nancy

    1. there is a railway station (three hours from Paris by train,
    2. there is also an airport (Metz-Nancy Lorraine, about 40 kms from Nancy city centre, connection through "navette" (minibus) or taxi).
    3. There is also an airport in Luxembourg (about 120 kms from Nancy, with connection by trains