Model of curricula

In Lappeenranta we agreed to discuss the Model of Curriculum for Bachelor's Programme in EIE.

The aim of the Curriculum is to serve as a model, encouraging co-operation between engineering educational institutions to develop courses for in-person instruction and online education, facilitating the mobility of engineering students across the Europe and mutual recognition of Diplomas.

This is in line with the Bologna Declaration commitment to create the European Higher Education Area by 2010. The proposed initial version could be considered as a tree with roots, common trunk and different branches with tangled twigs, corresponding to "Career Space" guidelines.

It is just the frame for curriculum and a topic for discussion and elaboration on the Internet and during the next our meeting at Gdansk. I would like to have your opinion and ideas until May 1, in order to have enough time to prepare a survey for the meeting.

Model of curriculum for bachelor available here

Best regards,
Romanas Krivickas