Goals :

 These applets modelise the thermocouple behavior by the way of polynoms.Usual norms provide two or three polynoms for each thermocouple.
It permits to calculate the electro-motrical force for the reference probe and the hot junction probe, when the temperature is given.
The inverse polynoms allow us to know the temperature knowing the electro-motrical force given by the thermocouple. All the curves are given for each thermocouple in the "Polynomview Lab applet".

 The "Thermocouple lab applet", uses the same rules of calculation. In this lab, by the way of the polynoms, we obtain the hot junction electro-motrical force and the reference electro-motrical force. The difference between the two, gives the voltage in the thermocouple.
By this voltage and the inverse polynoms, we are given the obtained temperature.

We have to make sure, the difference of temperature is available. Warning:  in certain case, the range of the thermocouple is bigger than the polynom range of temperature. The calculus is then impossible.

For example : in the thermocouple B : the range of temperature is from 0 to 1820 °C. The inverse polynom provide only the range of 250 to 1820 °C. Lets test on your own !


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This applet was created by Laurent MICHEL and updated by Geoffroy BONHOMME
7th September 1998