INEIT MUCON Questionnaire for Evaluation

This questionnaire is especially dedicated to end-users of INEIT MUCON packages.

Please note that the results of this questionnaire are used for STATISTICAL PURPOSE ONLY !!!

We thank you for fill in it ; your opinion is very important for us because we need feedback in order to emphasise the quality of those pedagogical materials.

The proposed quotation mark is the following from Very Bad (0) to Very Good (4).

In order to collect most fruitful information, this questionnaire is divided into 5 parts.

Please be so kind to answer ALL items


Thanks again



(Actual) Year of study after secondary school

Where do you study (Institution, town and country) ?

Pedagogical resource you have used? Please don't hesitate to fill several questionnaires if you use several resources, Thank you.

Your Level in this area




Background in Language (in which the package is written)




Background in Internet availability and competencies




  • User Friendliness

  • Navigation Easiness

  • Level of Interaction

  • Attractiveness

  • Learning Time

  • Level of Pre-requisites

  • Objectives Clearly Defined

  • Well Structured

  • Level Well Adapted

  • Efficiency of Animations for understanding

  • Global Evaluation

  • How many Time do you Spent (in mn)

  • Efficiency for Learning

  • Is the language a difficulty, if the package is not written in your mother tongue ?

  • Speed for and during connection ?

  • Is the tutorial useful ?

  • Would you like to have more this kind of material ?

  • Other comments ?