TechnoTN meeting in Brussel

The SOCRATES-ERASMUS Thematic Networks (TNS) have been playing a major role in the development of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

A further contribution to this goal has been provided by the so-called “TNs Archipelagos” that group experts from TNs working in neighbouring fields. The first TNs Archipelago “Techno TN” was initiated by TNs existing in the Science and Engineering orientated fields. There are five motivations which can stimulate men to science. Some want to know only for the sake of knowing it is just curiosity. Others want to know to be known it is nothing but vanity. Some others want to possess science in order to be able to sell it and gain money and honours their motivation is mean. But others want to know in order to be able to build and this is charity others want to know in order to be built and this is wisdom. Bernard de Clairvaux